Released: May 15th 2020 | RBN102LPX

  •   Transparent salmon coloured vinyl
  •   24x12 folded poster

Temple is the fifth full-length album from Thao & The Get Down Stay Down. Produced by Thao and bandmate Adam Thompson, it is also their first self-produced album. Kaleidoscopic and danceable, grounded by Thao’s singular voice, Temple feels boldly dissonant while still highly accessible. 

A temple is a place of worship and sanctuary. We spend our lives searching for temples where we can belong and be loved, but those spaces can also be a kind of confinement. Temple is an album that pushes open boundaries for a different kind of sanctuary, where you don’t have to whisper.

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Side A
  • 01 Temple
  • 02 Phenom
  • 03 Lion on the Hunt
  • 04 Pure Cinema
  • 05 Marauders
Side B
  • 01 How Could I
  • 02 Disclaim
  • 03 Rational Animal
  • 04 I've Got Something
  • 05 Marrow