Released: May 12th 2017 | RBN068CD

On their new album II, L.A. Takedown align the moody grandeur of a film score with the pure melodicism of pop. Led by Los Angeles-based composer/multi-instrumentalist Aaron M. Olson, the seven-piece band delivers a guitar-driven take on synth-pop that’s inspired its own genre. “Bjorn Copeland of Black Dice once described L.A. Takedown to me as ‘Baywatch Krautrock,’” Olson recalls. “I found myself saying, ‘Well, you know…it’s not not that—works for me!” Still, despite any association with oceanic hedonism, II ultimately leaves it to the listener to dream up their own imaginary movie for each beautifully sprawling track to live in.

  1. 01. The First Thing…
  2. 02. Heatwave
  3. 03. L.A. Blue
  4. 04. The Valley
  5. 05. Bad Night at Black's Beach
  6. 06. City of Glass
  7. 07. Blue Skies (on Mars)
  8. 08. Dose
  9. 09. Us
  10. 10. Night Skiing
  11. 11. The Most Crucial Game
  12. 12. The Last Thing...